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I’m Alexis. I’m a teenage girl who reads, writes and sings. I write lyrics and stories to say what I didn’t say when I should have. I read because it lets me escape into a world where I can be anyone I want. I sing because I can.
I obsess over Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Pretty Little Liars, Glee. One Direction, Cody Simpson, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and pretty pictures. I take photos of anything and everything. I write quotes everywhere. I don’t know how to keep my room clean.
I do all this because I am a teenage girl, who is still trying to work out who I am and where I’m going.
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"The mouth is made for communication, and nothing is more articulate than a kiss."

Jarod KintzIt Occurred to Me (via feellng)


some people’s selfie game is so strong that makes me feel uncomfortable


if you don’t like gay people you should really get off tumblr because tumblr is like 92% gay


my only talent is not being in a relationship

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